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Би-2 - Point Of No Return
In the darkness I saw you
I called out your name
In the shadows I followed
I followed you in vain
Where do you go
Why do you hide
Why do you run from me
And not be by my side

It's as if I've reached
The point if no
No return
It's as if I've reached
The point of no
No return

Where do I go

Lost within the darkness
What have I become
Can't make sense of all of this
I thought you were the one
The sky is crying
Crying out your name
I'm drowning in your sorrow
Screaming out your name

It's as if I've reached
The point of no
No return
Now that we 
Have reached 
This point
Of no, no return

Where do I go 
Категория: Текста песен | Добавил: Nastya (23.08.2011)
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