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А-Студио - S.O.S.
Baby I feel that I`m falling in love
Baby I know I am dreaming alone
I need your help in saving my soul
You must bring me back
Where I belong

I must go home
My condition`s wrong
Cause it snows on me
With the fantasies

My insensity
Run away from me
But every boy by now
Knows my heart is closed

Trying catch your eyes
How far from paradize
I am scare of your
Full indifference
Boy I`m falling down

I don`t like the fact
Of my burning heart
Kill me with a smile
I don`t wanna cry

Now I`m melting down
With my icy crown
Turning inside down
Tossing upside down

I don`t wanna be
On land of mistery
I`m not longer free
In this misery
Boy I`m falling down

Now I`m on the road
Passing through your door
Baby now I wish that you`d be here with me
But I appreciate the feeling god create
How I love that you would help me fly 
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